What’s great about East Junction Condos?

Come Together’ is the perfect way to describe this East Junction Condos. It represents the nature of the area, where modern design meets a beautiful familiarity. It speaks to a community that embraces its rich and culturally diverse origins.

Feels like home. Just a cooler version.

But most importantly, we hope ‘Come Together’ reflects the life you’ll live here at East Junction Condos when you meet friends for eats, have a family celebration, share an Uber or kick back on your balcony and just be. That’s the ‘Come Together’ we designed this place for.

At 16 storeys, East Junction Condos was designed to be a lot more connected to the neighbourhood than a typical high rise.


Where is East Junction Condos located? 

East Junction Condos is located at 394 Symington Avenue In Toronto. The major intersection is Davenport Rd and Symington Avenue.

Like Roncesvalles & Queen West before it, East Junction is the place to be.

It all comes down to how you roll and where you roll to. Foodies, socialites, artists, sommeliers. Whatever you like or love, it’s in the neighbourhood.

Stretch. Yoga. Smoothie. Pick up shirt from Gotstyle. Quick bite at home. Walk Roxy. Write. Portuguese custard tart at Caldense (cheat). New playlist. Work out. Groceries? Nah, lunch at Mattachioni. Swipe left, left, left, right. Friends > High Park. Skip work, Jays matinee. Balcony, book, work on tan. Indian for dinner. Walk Roxy. Binge Stranger Things, again. Unwind. Recharge.


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